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Emotions Freebie

Emotions for toddlers are so big and it is our job to teach our children how to regulate these emotions. Having conversation about emotions,labeling them appropriately, and teaching children strategies for coping big emotions is a big milestone between 18 months to 3 years. Emotions activities can help open up conversation around labeling emotions and what it looks like. We created these simple activities to help you incorporate more emotions activities in your child’s shelf work.

  • Emotions cutting activity

  • Emotions play dough mat

  • Daily emotions calendar


Grace & Courtesy Songs


Grace & Courtesy curriculum is the heart of the Montessori classroom. It is a way we create a peaceful and respectful community. These lessons are intended to teach children:

  • to be respectful of self and others
  • to behave in an acceptable way in a community
  • to be kind and considerate towards others.
  • to be graceful, courteous, and confident

Grace & Courtesy Lessons are taught by:
1. Modeling
2. Songs
3. Sharing Stories
4. Discussions and Class Meetings/ Group Problem Solving
(particularly effective for elementary classrooms)

These Grace & Courtesy songs cards will help you create a peaceful & collaborative environment with your child.


Daily Rhythm Cards

Daily Rhythm Cards are very beneficial to provide consistency in toddlers’ lives. These cards can also help you avoid some power struggles with your child.

How to use Daily Rhythm Cards

  • Print the cards and display them where your child can access them.
  • Model how to use each cards daily.
  • Once the child has enough practice with the cards, they can choose the card to show you what will happen next.
  • Make it a part of your daily routine.


Valentine’s Theme Initial Sound to Picture Matching Activity

Download your free copy


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